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Full-Time Mom Seeks Part-Time Job

Up on our refrigerator there is a little marker board which has lately been used for a list of “big things we need to do and don’t want to forget”, such as look for a new car, get oil changes, set up dental appointments, etc. At the very top of the list it said, “FIND A JOB” all in capital letters.  And as of last night, it has been removed from the list.

I have been searching for a part time job for awhile now, more seriously for about a month. I will admit that I was getting pretty discouraged. It’s been fairly difficult even finding jobs for which to apply.  I was a bit naive thinking that employers would jump at the chance to hire someone willing to work for no benefits, even if it was only part time.

Well, after one interview, I was hired at a nearby Catholic church as their Community Life Coordinator.  No more 40 to 60 minute commute!  It is an ideal job at this point in my life, as it allows me to work pretty much whatever times I need, so Anna will not need to be in daycare (besides the one day each week Grandma Kay gets to watch her).  John and I were having a really hard time A) finding a daycare that wouldn’t charge full-time rates for part-time care, and B) resigning ourselves to putting our little miracle baby in daycare almost all week long.  This job will allow me to stay home most of the week.

It’s not a perfect job, although it pays much more than I had expected.  John and I will have to work pretty hard to keep our budget to a T and also to find a little extra income each week.  But this is our dream come true for right now, and we are so thankful to God for making this happen. We know that this will give us the opportunity us to trust in Him even more, and that’s never a bad thing!