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Josephine is Two!

Since we haven’t posted on our blog for many, many months, and since I have at least a little more free time than normal, here I am – finally! – putting up some info and pictures about our growing family.

At the start of April, our little Josie turned two years old. Since I was on bed rest and recovering from a procedure and two-day hospital stay, we weren’t able to prepare much, but family stepped in and saved the day. Auntie Beth made all the vegetarian pizzas for us (seriously – who plans a kid’s birthday party on a Friday in Lent?) and also made some great decorations with a Finding Nemo theme. My mom made a beautiful cake, and Grandma Kay helped with other food as well as keeping our girls occupied until party time.

Josie blew out her candles like a champ, enjoyed her cake and presents, and all in all seemed to like the attention from everyone who came to celebrate the life of our littlest girl. Thank you all for your help and your presence!

Josephine, you are such a joy to us! You are full of smiles (see the photos!) and snuggles. We call you the “nuggler-in-chief.” You can keep up with your sister when she wants to play fishies with you, and she loves you for it. You love your baby doll and take such good care of her that we are sure you will be a wonderful big sister, just as you already are a sweet younger sister. We love you!



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