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Our August Trip to Duluth (a bit late!)

During the hectic start of the school year, we completely forgot to blog about our end-of-summer trip! In late August we packed the car and headed north for a short trip to our favorite Minnesota town, Duluth. We scored a half-price stay at Fitger’s Inn, a hotel built into the old brewery down by Canal Park, by using our Minnesota Public Radio member card. The hotel was beautiful, and I would recommend it to anyone staying in the area. We really felt like kings and queens while staying there.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. On Monday we hit the road and stopped for two hours at the North West Company Fur Post along Highway 35. We were treated to a wonderful tour by a Friendly! Interpretive! Guide! and Anna got to pet some beaver pelts. Good times. By early afternoon we had checked into our hotel and purchased a Must See Duluth pass, which got us cheap access to a boat tour of Duluth and Superior harbors. Sara and I watched the sights roll by and took some pictures while Anna…well, kept the whole boat entertained by doing laps around the bar in the boat’s center. That evening we put Anna to bed and watched The King’s Speech on my laptop.

Tuesday we hit two major tourist spots. The first was a train ride through all of Duluth. Again, we got to see the sights roll by our window. Anna had fun sticking her head out the window into the cool, fresh August air. Then we checked out the Duluth freshwater aquarium, which was pretty interesting. We got to check out a bunch of huge freshwater fish and Anna cracked up at the sight of a life-sized plastic moose. Go figure, right?

Tuesday evening the three of us met up with one of Sara’s college buddies, Zach, and his wife at Fitger’s brewpub. I was really impressed with the XXX ESB on tap, as well as the smoked fish salad. Again, Anna had fun pointing at strangers and making funny noises, much to the delight of everyone around her.

There’s not much to say about Wednesday. We packed up, walked along Canal Park (and in many nearby shops to find a children’s book), drove around town, and headed home. It was a low-key trip of only two days, but it was still a perfect way to end the summer. The weather was beautiful, the lake was impressive as always, and we said goodbye to summer in style. Till next year, Duluth!

“Captain, I think I see a strange balding man with a camera in those weeds!”
“Buh!” said Anna. “That’s right, tugboats,” I replied.
An ore boat heads out onto the lake.
“One more round!”
This bird did not get the hint.
“Gah, it’s cold!”
Tiny toes on the strand.
Leaving on a big train.
Anna learns about locks and dams at the aquarium.


Well, this won’t be much of a surprise to the ten people who read our blog regularly, but just in case you haven’t heard…

We are expecting a baby! Anna is very excited to be a big sister, which she demonstrates by trying to avoid her naps at all cost. Today I am officially 14 weeks along, and although we had no intention of waiting this long to post our news, we happen to already be on to the second trimester (although, unfortunately, still experiencing the “morning” sickness).

We are so excited to be welcoming another child into this world, another person to love and hug and kiss and, yes, even change his or her diapers! We find our hearts expanding daily since the moment we learned that this little one was growing. We are due May 9, and we will hopefully find out around Christmas time whether it is a boy or a girl.

Today I had a free ultrasound at New Life Family Services; they are currently training in several nurses on the new ultrasound machine and they needed volunteers, so a friend and I signed up. It was beyond amazing; I got to lie there for over THIRTY MINUTES, just watching my baby jump around! They even did some examining in 3D, which I’ve never seen before (and most people would never see this early, as there’s not as much to see). Everything was looking good, especially the little button nose.

Just to give you all a peek at our newest little family member, here are some of the pictures from today:

Regular picture; head is on the right for those of you who aren’t familiar with these.


3D picture: his or her head is facing us on the right, arms and legs are up. UPDATE 11/9/11: *Ack! Head is on the LEFT, people! For those of you that don’t know it, I never learned my right from my left!