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Sugar High

Anna was a little spoiled this year while we celebrated Christ’s resurrection. FOUR Easter bunnies (yes, “bunnies” spelled correctly, not “bunnys” like her helmet says…) brought her baskets! Thank you, all you bunnies!

She also got her first taste of… drumroll, please… CHOCOLATE! Grandma Sherry and the aunties unwrapped a chocolate bunny for Anna to try. She is well on her way to becoming a chocoholic like her mother.

And finally, John decided that we should try giving Anna some Pop Rocks. We thought we’d stick a few “rocks” in her mouth and see her reaction to the popping. However, she’s no circus monkey: no performances for us! We videotaped it and it’s not even worth posting. She had no reaction whatsoever to the party going on in her mouth.

If a chocolate bunny and Pop Rocks are just the beginning, think of all the sugar she’ll have by the time she’s 2!

Gnawing on the bunny's ears.

All done!

"No big deal, Mom and Dad."


He is risen! Happy Easter, everyone.

An Early Easter Visit

Finally Anna gets a throne from which to harangue her followers.

Black and White

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! (Well, almost…)

On Monday a bunch of friends, their kids, and Anna and I went to the Minnesota Zoo. It. Was. AWESOME.

I love the zoo, so I was 100% okay with using my child as an excuse to go see a bunch of fun animals and exhibits, not to mention spend a Monday morning with some of my closest friends. And yes, Anna was an excuse; 7 month olds are not exactly jumping up and down to see birdies and monkeys, although she did seem to enjoy herself, which of course made it all the more enjoyable for me. And… surprise! She stayed awake for the vast majority of our time there! So of course I needed to capture that fact on camera.

Here is Anna on her first trip to the zoo, much more interested in the camera than the animals everyone else is looking at.

And here she is again, much more interested in her toys…

…and here she is much more interested in her bottle (yes, she can hold it pretty well on her own now)…

…and finally, here are Addy and Luci, much more interested in the baby in the stroller!

Here is my favorite picture. Anna loved sitting in front of the glass (6 inches thick!) and watching the fishies and sharkies swim by.


Both Torin and Anna were trying to touch the glass to see if they could reach the colorful animals swimming around in front of them. Apparently I need to take her to an aquarium next!

I said I went with a few friends; 4, to be exact. So 5 adults and 10 children. I was the only one without a double stroller! Here we are having lunch, which we somehow managed to do crammed around two small tables.

And finally… I wasn’t even going to try to get Anna in one of these for a picture, but I did catch Lucia and Addy, who are cute as can be.

Even though I didn’t see any lions or tigers (although I did see a few bears), we had a great day at the zoo. Anna was most impressed by the fish, and she also watched some otters chase each other for a bit, but most animals move too slowly to keep her attention. I got some fresh air and a free trip to the zoo (thanks, Emily!) with my friends, and I am ready to do it again. Feel free to give me a call whenever you want to go!

Fort Myers: Days 5-8

The final installment of our time in sunny southern Florida begins with the Twins’ slugger, Jim Thome. We love you, Jimmers! Such a nice guy. Even though he wouldn’t sign our stuff, he did sign for a bunch of kids.

On Thursday we got to the beach on Sanibel Island nice and early, with good parking spots and plenty of sandy square footage for our large group of 13 adults and two babies. Most of us went swimming in the gulf and enjoyed the cool water and waves.

Anna was actually awake most of the day, but unfortunately her cold was getting a little worse and she wasn’t too happy. Here are a few pictures of her “playing” in the sand. She was happy for a few minutes, but of course we didn’t have the camera on her at that point. After she got sand in her mouth she had had it with beach time.

We just had to post this happy picture of Tim, who scraped his nose up on the bottom of our pool earlier in the week. He and Laurie were the snorkeling and shelling king and queen of the week.

We ate lunch that day at the Island Cow, which was delicious. We had a pitcher or two of green beer for St. Patty’s Day, and as you can see, also enjoyed fried pickles and (my family’s favorite) hushpuppies. Yuuuuummmy.  (John had a very large pot of steamed clams, oysters, mussels, and shrimp swimming in broth. I will pretend to forget about that!)

Anna in the Island Cow.

The next morning a few people went back to the stadium for a few more shots at autographs and to try to get in another game. Unfortunately the scalpers bumped prices up quite a bit: one guy was asking $80 a ticket! The group said no thanks and went back to the house for some more swimming and eating and drinking, but not before getting a few more items signed. Anna now has a onesie with Scott Baker and Jason Kubel’s autographs on it!

A rare picture: all Minnesota players, major and minor leaguers.

My sister is marrying a kleptomaniac. Yep, that banner is going up in his house. Awesome!

Mauer and (sigh) Nishioka. It may be awhile before we see him again, unfortunately. His translator is on the far right of the picture.

The last morning, my family decided to play some mini golf before heading to the airport. We had a good time, and Anna slept through the whole thing. Why break the habit?

There are many things that happened that are not documented here, whether on purpose or not. One thing I’d like to mention to give you an idea of how much these two families can drink: we went through 89 beers, 2 liters of vodka, 1 liter of Kahlua, 1.75 liters of margaritas, 750ml of whiskey and… 6.5 liters of rum! Not to mention that this is just what was purchased for drinking at home… who knows how much we really had if you add in the Twins game and eating out. We had a good time!

The mid-March get-away was money very well spent. Thank you to our whole family, including those we’re not related to by blood; we had such a fantastic time spending the week with you! Thank you to everyone who helped out with Anna and made the trip much more relaxing than it could have been. Most especially, a BIG thank you to my parents, because we wouldn’t have been able to go if it weren’t for them. We love you all and wish we could go to Fort Myers every year!

Winslow Exclusive: Teeth Spotted!

Yesterday teeth were spotted on the lower gums of local starlet Anna Kateri.

Local gossips claim there are plans for future teeth!

Fort Myers: Days 3 and 4

Yes, I am finally getting around to blogging about the rest of our wonderful trip!

We went to Anna’s first outside-the-womb Twins’ game that Monday. Thanks to Dan, who works with sports teams, we were able to get a tour of the stadium, so we arrived pretty early.  Anna was sleepy and not liking the sun, which had become the norm for her. This is beautiful Hammond Stadium, home of the Minnesota Twins’ Spring Training and their AAA team, the Miracle. Yes, we have outdoor baseball in Minnesota now, but there’s nothing like seeing the grass and the palm trees in the middle of March!

Here’s our group enjoying adult beverages. We had a few rounds of beer first.  After that, people bought “rum buckets” for $10, each supposedly with 6 shots of rum in it (very cheap for a ball park, considering a beer isn’t much less than that). It was more like 12 shots – very little of anything else. The nice part was they had all the recipes for the different drink options printed on the side of them for future use. That became useful later.

Auntie Beth trying to help Anna wake up once our seats were finally in the shade.

The Rogers family picture. We were pretty happy; the Twins won 9 – 0.

Anna and her BFF Hailey playing together in the pool.

Grandma Sherry bought some bubbles to see if the babies took any interest, and they did! They loved watching the bubbles fly around.

The next day we went on a 3 hour tour (thankfully, no shipwrecks) off the end of Fort Myers Beach. We saw many dolphins and baby and mommy osprey on the way out to an island. When I say “we,” I mean everyone but Anna, as she was – you guessed it – sleeping. She slept through the entire loud boat ride over. At the island we had about an hour to swim, snorkel, and shell.

Our ubiquitous Lewis & Clark picture; I don’t think we’ve taken one in years!

Anna, actually AWAKE in Grandpa’s arms on the boat ride back to shore.

Still more to come in a few days!


Anna is already well on her way to being an overachiever. Getting in one tooth at a time is not quite enough fun, so she’s decided to go for two. That’s right, her two bottom teeth are cutting their way in at the same time; we’ve been able to feel their razor sharpness for a few days now.

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the teeth for you, dear reader, since 1) the teeth are barely in, and 2) they are difficult enough to get to when using both hands to open her mouth and clear her gums. There’s no way I’m able to use a camera at the same time!